PaproBag is an advertising vehicle focussing on providing an effective and sustainable advertising on Newspaper Bags to eliminate plastic Bags from the Market. PaproBag engages Brands to play a role in reducing the use of plastic shopping bags by Advertising and distributing their products in a Newspaper Bags. Which is an innovative and sustainable way of advertising your businesses while offering a practical, plastic-bag alternative, free to local retailers?

PaperBag Team

Laxmi Singh – Co-founder and Creative Marketing Head

Having BMM Degree and worked in a creative marketing field and a brain behind to PaproBag.

She Loves to promote the ideas in a creative way with some social touch. She believed in a sociality that’s why her every marketing campaign has some social touch.

Namrata Singh – Co-founder and Operation Head

Having BFD Degree and worked in Fashion Industry for Several Years.

She always gets upset while seeing the plastic near to her and try to educate the people about the disastrous impact of Plastic Bags on Nature.

Beautiful and Self Earning Women

PaproBag never been started without this beautiful and self-independent woven who contributing to the dream of plastic free society. Their desire to do something and become self-earning woven.

Before joining the PaproBag they just want to work to get something but now they were working to give something…. for us and our society.

These beautiful women are the real HEROINE of PaproBag’s Initiative