Plastic Bags cannot be reduced until the perfect and cost effective, availability of shopping bags comes into the market. Here the sponsor plays a very important role in reducing the use of plastic shopping bags by sponsoring newspaper bags which will bring the Newspaper Shopping Bags price competitive with Plastic Bags. And this contribution will add a value to your brand image.

It’s Effective and Social

Benefits to Advertiser 

  • Add brand value by becoming part of a growing new way of marketing.
  • You highlight your brand’s commitment to sustainable principles and a plastic-free environment
  • Use the opportunity to alert customers to latest offers, specials, or new products
  • You are ALWAYS front page news
  • Your walking Ad on Street and viewed hundreds or even thousands of times.
  • Expand your existing customer base

Benefits to Consumers

  • Shoppers receive 100% biodegradable bags that help the environment
  • Shoppers receive info on latest deals, offers, specials from Brands
  • There is no option of plastic bags excuse will not work

Benefits to Society

  • Increased awareness about an effort can be put by individuals to reduce their environmental impact
  • Saving the Water and Tree
  • Clean, Green and plastic-free environment
  • One step more towards plastic free society


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