Resource for Making Newspaper Bags


We use Less than 3 days old newspaper which comes from the local newspaper vendors who are the official distributor of newspaper in the locality. We called Used but Fresh!!


We make Glue by adding lay, fevicol, and Water which makes the sticking more strong and durable to carry a good amount of weight.

Jute Rope

We import jute rope from Kolkata and as we all no jute are the most eco-friendly and biodegradable product.

Recycled Paper

To give more strength and support to handle and bags contact point we use Paper Clip which is recycled and will be recycled again.


And of Course, the effort put by our team of who are 100% wovens and each bags get made with the positive approach of one newspaper bags will remove one plastic bags.


Process Of Making Bags

Sticking Newspaper

Just like GSM in paper Bags newspaper get counted on Layers like 1layer, 2layers, 3layers etc. so first step is to stick 2 separate newspaper sheet with each.


On a scale of size, we fold the newspaper from top, bottom, left and from right side to give the shape of a bag


As the Folding Portion get done, we stick all folded side and give a perfect and accurate look as per the specific size.


As the newspaper get shape of after sticking from all side now time to give strength to bags so that it can carry maximum weight and for this, we attached Paper Clip between handle and Newspaper


Last but Not the list Jute Rope Handle which get the band on top of the bags with the help of paper clip to give complete look and comfort to carry any product into bags.

Now your Bags is Ready to Replace The Plastic Bags!!!